Understanding What Lawn Care Aerating Is

Unfortunate as it may sound, there are a number of homeowners who do not know a thing about proper lawn care. They think that just because they water their plants and grass then that is already enough to call their lawn healthy. So whenever they hear a term such as lawn care aerating, it sounds like gibberish to them.Knowing the different lawn care terms is important to any lawn owner who wants to have a beautiful and healthy garden. This is because these are the terms that will help them know what process they need to go through when there is a problem with their lawn. Take for example the case of lawn aeration. You will need to aerate your lawn once there are drainage problems, compact and hard soil, or even bare patches that don’t grow. As soon as you see these conditions happening in your yard, it is time for you to aerate your lawn!

To make things easier to understand, lawn care aerating is basically like punching holes in your lawn. The reason for this is so that it will loosen up the soil and allow water, air and fertilizer to enter the roots of your lawn. Aside from this, aerating your lawn severs a few of the roots. It breaks apart roots that have entangled themselves with one another so that new root growth can be encouraged.With regards to knowing how often you need to aerate your lawn, it is not required too often. On average, you can aerate your lawn every other year as this is already enough. However, if your lawn endures heavy foot traffic and your soil has become dense and compact, aerating your lawn should be done every year. The best time to do this is during springtime so you can do it along with your other lawn care projects.

The moment you have decided to go with the process of lawn care aerating, you have to choose the right tools to use. With this, there are several tools that you can choose from. All of these tools have a certain degree of effectiveness with them. If you wish to have an easier time with the process, you can simply get the spiked sandals that you can easily strap to your shoes. When you walk around your lawn, you will be punching holes with them. At the same time, you can use the spiked rollers which have been designed to punch holes in your lawn.However, if your soil is compact and dense, these two lawn care aerating tools will not be effective. Instead of the two tools mentioned, you can use a core aerator to help you get the job done. You can either choose to buy one or rent so you can save money. Just remember that you have to ask a professional to help you understand how you can properly aerate your lawn. In doing so, you can allow your soil to breathe and be healthy once more.

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